Our History

Learn how BST began from the brain-storm of a very lovely lady, Lyn Twyman from 8 bowlers to currently growing into a 3 divisions tournament.

History Of Bowl Sydney Tournament

Bowl Sydney Tournament was the brain-storm of a very lovely lady, Lyn Twyman.

After having bowled in many leagues and tournaments, she decided to create a tournament that would enable male and female bowlers to be able to bowl together in a fair competition.

After much deliberation Lyn, with some thoughtful help from her husband (Warwick), decided to approach her long-time friend Bruce Waters who had many years of experience and knowledge - not just in bowling but also from the legality side of things.

Once the correct associations were convinced that the Tournament could and would work, they were up-and-running. Poster and flyers were placed in various bowling centers, word got around and the first match started early 1997.

With 12 teams and a maximum number of 8 bowlers (male and female), only 5 bowlers played head-to-head on Saturday afternoons, commencing at 2pm sharp.

Bruce became Tournament Director, Lyn as Tournament Secretary and Warwick as Tournament Treasurer.

All was running smoothly until Lyn started to become very ill.

She kept going with her ambition to see the Tournament survive but alas in 1998 we lost our founding member.

Due to her severe illness Angela Westwood was appointed assistant secretary in 1997 and then took on the position of Tournament secretary after Lyn's untimely departure.

As the years progressed so did the Tournament.

In 1999 the Tournament expanded to 2 Divisions, each with 10 teams.

In 2003 it had grown in popularity to be 3 divisions strong with ceilings for each division, enabling any calibre of bowler to participate.